Health & Energy
newQuickChatMenu & newSpeech


COMPLETE EDITION (7,31MB): Lite Edition + ArkhoN's WilsRetsTVconversion + Elton's Colored Smoke Trails + AbirikCham's Mortar Trail

Installation :

Unzip the file to your T:V folder,
be sure you have the option "Extract with folders" checked.

This HUD contains :
- ChatHUD moved to the top left corner
- Health and Energy bar rounded around the crosshair
- Items rearranged in lower right corner
- ScoresHUD moved to lower left corner
- KillHUD on top of ScoresHUD
- container background for ChatHUD and vchat
- vchat Layout in a single column on the left side of the screen
- loadouts Layout in a single column on the left side of the screen
- limited to 15 loadouts.
- Target info more visible
- PackHUD go green when usable and red while charging up
- Flag flashing Blue when carried
- SpeedHUD below Energy Bar
- Turret and vehicles Health above player Health
- Generator and Sensor status below Radar
- Replacement for Announcer, now color code a lot of things, and announcement fos generator, sensor and flag remade
- new Vchat System (auto resize, more colorful, handles extensions)
- new speech handlers, allows for more sounds, and easier replacement.
- with T2 sounds
- vchat based on T2 idk one (most of the sounds are here)
- TimeHUD in the lower left corner

- AmmoHUD by Shad0w
- CompassHUD by Byte
- FlagHUD by Byte with FlagAnnouncer by Cactusbone
- ingHUD by Cactusbone
- PingHUD by Byte
- myAnnouncer by Cactusbone
- SpeedBar by Byte
- ZoomHUD by Byte
- HUDstuff by Cactusbone
- newquickchat by Cactusbone
- newSpeech by Cactusbone
- TimeHUD by Cactusbone

to remove weapon display :
User.ini :

© 2004-2005 Cactusbone